Candle Jar Makeover

Candle Jar

I have a confession; I’m extremely addicted to Bath and Body Works candles – extremely! I’ve been buying these candles for years so you could say I have a “stock pile”. It might even be big enough to get me on an episode of hoarders. I buy these candles though because they are my favorite and to me nothing compares to them. I’ve tried loving Yankee Candle, and while some do smell really nice, I always come back to my B&BW ones. Well after collecting them for so many years I decided that I didn’t just want to throw them away when I was done, I wanted to reuse them for things throughout the house. Right now I have some holding decorative flowers, makeup brushes, pens, and candy. My first thought when trying to decide what to do with these glass jars was “SPARKLE”! Surprise, surprise I wanted to make something sparkly. So of course I pulled out my trusty 37 count Martha Stewart deluxe glitter set! Honestly it took me longer to decide which color glitter I wanted to use than it did to redo this jar from start to finish.  I’m not sure why I over thought it, I mean I have more jars than I do different colors of glitter so eventually I will get to every color.


  • Clean candle jar
  • Mod Podge Matte-Mat-Mate
  • Small brush
  • Glitter
  • Butter knife




Cleaning out the candle jar

  1. Peel the front sticker off
  2. Run hot water over the outside of the jar for a few minutes
  3. If needed run hot water on the wax
  4. Take butter knife and gently dig into wax, start around the outside first – if the wax does not start to pop out try cutting through the center of the wax. Make sure your wax is soft (hence the hot water)
  5. Once the wax & wicks are out use soap, water and a sponge to thoroughly clean the jar – make sure you get all the glue off the bottom of the jar
  6. Let jar dry completely

Cleaning the candle Cleaning

Decorating the candle jar 

  1. Take your Mod Podge and pour a little in the bottom of your jar (don’t worry if your pour too much you can always pour out the extra)
  2. Take your brush and paint, in even strokes, the Mod Podge all over the sides and bottom of the jar, you want a pretty thick coat but make sure it’s evenly distributed
  3. Pour your glitter in the bottom of the jar
  4. Gently shake to make sure the entire bottom of the jar is fully covered in glitter
  5. Slightly tip your jar and turn it so your glitter starts to slip forward, as it slips forward continue to turn your jar so the glitter will cover all the sides (glitter will fall out so make sure something is underneath to cath the excess)
  6. On a piece of paper pour out the extra glitter (if you need to go ahead and repeat steps 3-5 to make sure every bit of your jar is covered). This way you can fold the paper and pour the extra glitter back into it’s container
  7. If your jar looks completely covered with glitter go ahead and set it aside to dry – I usually let it sit over night

Decorating jar

Wala! You now have a beautfil, sparkly glass jar that you can do so much with.

Decorating jar Decorating jar

How adorable is the gold glitter with white flowers (fake of course)?! I love using gold as an accent color to decorate with.

Flower vase

xo Jen